Italy Wedding FAQ

Below you can find lots of information here about my Italian wedding photography service and some commonly asked questions. This section may also assist you with some thoughts on the sort of questions you should be asking when booking a Wedding Photographer in Italy.

Q. So how does it all come together if I'm getting married in Italy?

A. Well firstly once a booking is made be reassured that I am always easily contactable either by telephone or email. Email is a simple and effective way to keep in touch for dealing with the day to day details as your plans for your wedding develop or you want information, but sometimes it's just easier to talk things through. Whether you are in the UK or Italy I can easily speak to you on the phone, and don’t worry about the cost, I am always happy to call you back.

Q. Can we meet up before the wedding?

A. Everyone's plans are different and I will always discuss this with the couple before confirming a booking. If we can I always prefer to meet the couple before the day. Obviously geography and timing plays a part, but there are several options. Ideally we would meet at your venue, sometimes that can be if you are making a trip over to see your venue before the day, or it can be done in the days before your wedding if you are coming over to sort out the last details.

Q. What happens afterwards, how do I get my pictures?

A. Unless clients express another preference the images will be sent both on disc and also online via a private gallery

Q. How does the online gallery work and who can see it?

A. I set up the online gallery for you using Zenfolio galleries, I find they have the right balance between offering a competitive price product, an easy to use system and a good finished print.
I set this up for you and then send you the link and password to the gallery. From there you can view your images, download the full size files, order prints and also pass on the link to friends and family so they can do the same.

Q. How do I know what the actual cost will be?

A. The price agreed in your contract will be guaranteed and there are absolutely no hidden extras. Whatever package I provide you with you will always be given, as a minimum, ALL your finished images as a hard copy on disc. Whatever other products you have requested and paid for (prints, DVD's, albums, books etc) will be provided at the price quoted.

Q. Why do you give all your finished photographs to your clients?

A. From my experience clients have moved away from wanting a photographer to make the decisions as to which are the best photographs and for the photographer to be the only person who can control how those images are presented and to whom. In the world of today's digital media clients have often wanted to have all their images so they can decide who to print them with, at a cost that suits them, and also to have the freedom to put them on the web, to have other products made out of them and to be able to make multiple copies for family and friends without having to pay the photographer each time.

Q. We don't want to print out our own photographs and we would like albums and photobooks made for us, can you do that?

A. Absolutely. For some, getting their own prints done isn't something they have time for or want to do. If that's the case then I can provide you with high quality printed images, wedding albums or books. These are printed at professional developers not high street shops and are still provided at what I feel is a reasonable price. They are priced to reflect the extra time and work required to do this NOT to try and profit twice from your photographs.

Q. Will you ask me to sign a contract.

A. Always. The contract is there for the benefit of both the client and myself. It is simple and clear and allows you to be reassured that you know what to expect and when to expect it. I would wholly recommend being wary of working with anyone providing a service for your wedding that does not sign a contract.

Q. Should I use a wedding photographer, I have a few friends who think they could probably manage to do the pictures for me?

A. Obviously that's a decision only you can make, and of course I would be recommending you using a wedding photographer. However, if you are considering going down this route it is worth bearing this in mind.

"One thing I STRONGLY suggest – find a wedding photographer. I do not suggest going with someone that does wedding photography on the side. Yes, almost any photographer should be able to shoot a wedding. However, a photographer specialising in wedding photography will be far better than others. This is due the fact that they are completely used to the conditions seen at weddings. Weddings normally have the harshest conditions a photographer can face – extreme bright light (outdoor wedding in high noon), extreme low light (candle lit wedding, dark reception hall), “herding cats” (group shots), etc. A photographer that is used to capturing great moments in these conditions on at least a weekly basis will be much better than those that have not shot a wedding before or shoot them on rare occasion." - Spencer Clark (see links for full article)

Q. Does personality matter?

A. I think yes, or what I think matters is that the couple and the photographer are on the same wavelength, and that the couple feel comfortable with their photographer.
Equally, there have been weddings I haven't taken on when I have felt that my style and the couple's needs were too far apart.

Q. How would you describe your style of photography?

A. My style would be considered what is normally referred to as either 'reportage' or 'photo-journalism'. If that means nothing to you then this description may help!

"The idea of photojournalism is to create a story out of pictures telling the events of the day. What you normally get from photojournalistic pictures are the candid shots and close-up shots of items of sentimental value. For example, you might get the beautiful shots of the bride and bridesmaids preparing in the morning or shots of the rings laid out carefully. You may also get photographs of real moments – real smiles, real laughs, real tears … true emotion. The photojournalistic approach is almost to be a “fly on the wall” – in other words, for the photographer to almost seem invisible capturing the moments that one would never want to forget." - Spencer Clark (see links for full article)

With the nature of weddings I would of course use an element of portrait work and staged group photographs, it's just that my emphasis is on the more candid and 'fly on the wall' shots. I personally think the best judge of a photographers style is to look at their pictures. My galleries should give you a good idea of what to expect.

Would you like to see more examples of my work? Why not have a look at my blog or have a look through some of my galleries.